ALTA Energy Technologies Private Ltd is ISO 9001-2008 certified company. We collaborate and combine multiple technologies by working closely with industry leaders in their respective fields and domains to demonstrate “win win” partnerships. We belive in adding benefit for all stake holder thereby catalyzing a sustainable future for all.

ALTA currently is the partner of MICROVAST for delivering customized battery powered systems that can be used in electric transportation and stationary energy storage systems (ESS). MICROVAST is a pioneer and global leader in design, development and manufacturing of ultrafast charging, long life and safe battery powered system for electric vehicles.

ALTA Energy also has strategic alliance with LONGi Solar, the worlds leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules for delivering superior quality solar panels for all our clients.ALTA ENERGY is a committed to working towards building the innovative Green Technologies for our clients. Our principal objective has always been to use our core strength and built stronger alliances with equally committed partners.


  • Solar power systems to power cell phone towers
  • China-India partner to power telecom towers
  • Solar power systems to power cellphone towers
  • Solar power systems for telecom towers

Our Businesses and Industry we serve

Energy Storage System (ESS)

ALTA Energy promotes Solar, grid and battery integrated system for heavy industries, IT parks, Airports etc to reduce grid usage and reduce kWh generation cost.

All DC Solar Hybrid Power System for Telecom Tower

We’re working with various stakeholders for providing “End-to-end Energy Solution for Telecom”. We want to provide a viable,

Electric Transportation (AZU e-mobility)

ALTA ENERGY is offering end-to-end Electric Vehicle solution right from complete design, engineering, prototyping and contract manufacturing.

Solar PV Module

ALTA also promotes superior mono-crystaline PV panels from our strategic partner ‘LONGi Solar’. ALTA is the authorized strategic partner for LONGi to setup JVs and volume production of modules.

Production Capacity

Microvast started third phase expansion at their manufacturing headquarters in China. This includes, increasing in-house manufacturing capacity for cathode & anode active materials, customized separator & electrolyte. State of art, automated cell & battery pack assembly lines will add another 11 GWh capacity.


To achieve climate targets set by the Paris conference, CO2 emissions levels worldwide will have to be reduced by 50 percent over the next four decades. Converting to ICE vehicles to electric is the only sensible option.

A significant reduction of harmful tailpipe soot, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and various oxides of nitrogen will reduce health care cost drastically

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