About Us

ALTA Energy has strategic alliance with XinTong, a R&D and Technology provider in which the two companies intend to work together to deliver affordable Alternative Energy solutions for global clients.

ALTA Energy’s main manufacturing facility is located in Bangalore, India. We have a team dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and service of our complete product line.

By enabling clean, renewable electricity at lower costs, ALTA Energy is providing a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources

Our Mission

We value corporate governance and generating the maximum benefits for our shareholders, employees, and the community by continuously innovating and developing products with high added value and by providing employees with a work environment where they can reach their full potential. We also continue to uphold the ideal of "Open System" and we work closely with our customers and suppliers to create mutual benefits.

Moreover, with "Care for the Environment, Energy-saving and Our Green Earth" as a major objective of ALTA Energy, we implement environmentally sound practices in our daily operations and product design to live up to ALTA's corporate social responsibilities.