ALTA -XinTong is equipped to provide telecom tower operators a proven and tested solar system to power telecoms sites without burning diesel. Our Chinese JV partner, XinTong has installed more than 9,000 solar power systems in the most extreme climatic conditions in remote regions in of China. Our business model is designed as a bundled offer of Solar/Grid Hybrid power system coupled with funding, so that Tower Operators have a viable solution to switch over to Solar Power systems without internal funding. This will enable them to consider large scale deployment of solar powered system for the existing 310,000 telecom sites in India.

The Zero Investment Plan is a collective effort between Alta & International Non-banking Financial Company, whereby NBSC will fund the solar power system. Tower operators will need to make monthly repayment over a 7 year period to NBSC. The cost towards diesel, pilferage, transportation expenses and maintenance of generator etc., will be sufficient to service the monthly repayment towards principal and interest of the loan. Payback period of capital cost is estimated at 4 years depending on system configuration. The ownership is transferred to the Tower Operators by the end of 7 years.

It will also be the beginning of reducing India’s rapidly increasing carbon profile with 3,000 new diesel burning telecom sites coming on stream every month. The country will be saving huge foreign exchange on reduced import of petro products, which otherwise could be utilized for the sustainable development of the nation. Tower operators will enjoy increased revenue, about 80% reduction in opex and reduced business risk caused by volatile oil prices.

With higher subsidies for diesel, the government fiscal deficit will rise and this will affect FDI which will in turn stall GDP growth. High inflation will affect the poor and average income families the most.

Embarking on a massive deployment of solar power system to replace existing 310,000 telecom sites will create 70,000 skilled and semi-skilled jobs. The solar know- how acquired can be applied to homes, industries and commercial buildings. This will free up much needed grid power for the manufacturing sector.

India can develop into a world class total solar solution provider for high-end integrated solar power systems. The estimated market value for telecom Infrastructure projects worldwide is estimated to be $250 billion by 2013. India is well placed to penetrate high growth emerging economies in Middle East and Africa.

In the midst of adversity, the collective action of likeminded people may end up creating a new solar revolution which may even overtake the IT revolution. Your support, empathy and proactive action will be the harbinger of a new revolution.