Distributed ULTRA FAST Charging Stations

ALTA Energy has successfully demonstrated solar, battery & grid, distributed system for a critical load and achieved considerable OPEX savings. It has been shown in terms of operational cost, Diesel cost, TOC and on the unit commitment of power system to reduce the burden on grid.

In order to meet the requirement of an ever increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure, a software based EV charging system is the right choice. It has the ability to optimally schedule ULTRAFAST charge (5-10 minutes) of LTO non-flammable and extra ordinary long cycle life battery.

Solar and battery as primary source and utilize available off peak grid resources for charging battery and thereby maximizing the number of EVs connect to Alternative Energy Sources, while enhancing grid stability.

The technology deployed by ALTA Energy (patent pending) mainly comprises of a built in feature for regulating voltage fluctuations and an intelligent central controller that prioritizes individual power supply resources. Solar power is given preference even if grid power is available. However, in the case of insufficient solar radiation, the system automatically switches over to work together in tandem with battery. ALTA ESS draws energy to change the battery pack when costs are low and automatically deploys when costs are high—saving you the most on your electric bill and reduce burden on the grind.

The world’s first commercial ultrafast EV charging station began operations at the Chongqing International Airport New Development Zone in China. The electric bus charging station was jointly developed by Microvast and the China State Grid, and is used by a fleet of electric and plug-in hybrid buses powered by Microvast’s Lithium Titanate Oxide batteries (LpTO).

The charging station has six 400-kW chargers, each of which can fully charge a bus battery in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s the first of several planned for Chongqing as part of the city’s plan to deploy more than 1,000 EV buses.