Energy as a Service

A Holistic Energy Management to Serve the Telecoms

ALTA Energy announces an innovative new Business model that removes barriers to entry to next generation Green technology for telecoms and makes the Energy –as-a-Service platform more accessible.

“ALTA’s goal is to redirect existing demand by offering a clear path from an inefficient solution to a better one without investment –Energy-as-a-Service. ALTA Energy offers Telecoms a more effective path to"Dynamic Growth and Profitability”.

ALTA ESS built with the next generation investors are in mind: robust system with N+1 redundancy, Remote Monitoring, automatic asset tracking and management. A True game changer in Telecom Power System, designed for 10 years uninterrupted power supply for Grid deficit and off Grid sites at Lowest Kwh generation cost in the industry.

We’ve combined the strength and track records of Funding Agencies and quantitative science behind ALTA ESS Hybrid system.

ALTA Monitoring Center primary function is to give the funding agency and customer peace of mind. Trained experts are always watching the system and identify a potential failure long before it becomes power continuity problem.

ALTA offers 10-year PPA for Telecoms to supply of Renewable Energy to its telecom towers. OPEX model enable Telecoms to source electricity directly from ALTA and Consortium Partners, rather than running existing inefficient DG dependent power system.

“LTO Non-Flammable Battery pack designed to last the life of Telecom Equipment. Battery pack has a 10-15 minutes ultra fast full charging capability (4C). Specially designed Telecom packs come with redundancy, IP 65/67 enclosure, smart liquid cooling and extraordinary cycle life. No Battery replacement required during 10 years; significantly reduce cycle life costs”.

Our Managed Services have got clients covered – from the initial design and installation to continued hassle-free operation and maintenance. We will even factor in economic sustainability and help Telecoms minimize their carbon footprint.

ALTA ESS Telecom Power System Installed in remote village, Karnataka, India