Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

ALTA Energy offers Solar/Grid / Battery power systems for commercial and industrial sectors to reduce grid consumption and energy cost.

“Lowest cost/kWh for volume purchases of 50MWh.” Microvast ,has been producing complex integrated battery power systems for electric transportation since 2009. The same proven electrochemistry and BMS is used in medium to large scale Energy Storage systems.

Microvast has been building integrated battery systems for EV since 2009. The same proven Technology, degree of capability, quality control, safety and innovation has conversant our process of developing high-performance batteries for the large scale Energy Storage systems.

An Industry Poised for Rapid Growth

The high tariff during peak period and rapid decline in renewable energy (solar/Wind) cost is making large-scale energy storage economically viable.The economies of scale will lead to further reduction of battery cost and large-scale storage.

“The power industry generally suffers from one primary problem: no cost-effectivenESS, power supply must instantly match demand. This leads to costly and underutilized peaking plants".

Large scale MW battery storage will enable power companies to better utilise renewable power from wind and solar to stabilize the grid and prevent power outages


  • Gird
    • Peak Shaving
    • Load Shifting
    • Emergency
    • Backup Demand Response
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Renewable
  • Micro grid
  • Military

ALTA ENERGY Enhances Gird Resiliency & Reliability.

  • Inefficient Generation
  • Infrastructure Congestion
  • Intermittent Generation
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability

Customized battery storage solutions

ALTA ESS® power systems will offer potential customers the lowest total cost of ownership

Grid Storage:

Policies for grid regulations are being implemented to support grid scale energy storage globally. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has estimated the global demand for battery storage is about 150 GWh by 2030. This is to meet the desired target of achieving 45% of power generated from renewable sources.

Guidelines have also been issued for grid development, new urban construction, coordination of disturbed power supply and deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

Guidelines have been issued for grid development, new urban construction, coordination of disturbed power supply and EV charging infrastructure deployment.

Example from China

In China Southern Power Grid’s 13th Five-year Plan, development of micro grids is being encouraged. Private capital investment is now permitted in grid connected distributed energy, EV charging infrastructure, peak shifting and frequency regulation.

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