Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

ALTA Energy promotes Solar, grid and battery integrated system for heavy industries, IT parks, Airports etc to reduce grid usage and reduce kWh generation cost.

“Lowest $/kWh for volume purchases of 50MWh or more.”

Microvast has been building integrated battery systems for EV since 2009. The same proven Technology, degree of capability, quality control, safety and innovation has conversant our process of developing high-performance batteries for the large scale Energy Storage systems.

An Industry Poised for Rapid Growth

These are some of the big trends pushing growth of the energy storage market globally: a rapidly growing global market is fueling a massive scaling up of battery technology. Cheaper Storage – these economies of scale are leading to rapid decreases in the cost of battery technology in particular, with spin off benefits for other applications.

“The power industry generally suffers from one primary problem: no cost-effective ESS, power supply must instantly match demand. This leads to costly and underutilized capacity or peaking plants. ALTA Energy proposes to resolve this issue with MW scale ESS.”

ALTA offers several applications that support commercial consumers and energy providers greater control, efficiency and reliability across the electric grid.


  • Gird
    • Peak Shaving
    • Load Shifting
    • Emergency
    • Backup Demand Response
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Renewable
  • Micro grid
  • Military

ALTA ENERGY Enhances Gird Resiliency & Reliability.

  • Inefficient Generation
  • Infrastructure Congestion
  • Intermittent Generation
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability

Applications are bundled according to how the Energy Storage System is used and where it is located. ALTA is working with its partners to evaluate and follow applications where its ALTA ESS® technology can create value and reduce cost to create a compelling business case and return on investment for the customer.

Grid Storage: Policy Increasingly grid regulations are being implemented that support the installation of grid scale energy storage globally. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has estimated the world would need 150 GW of battery storage by 2030 if it is to meet the desired target of 45 per cent of power generated from renewable sources.

Guidelines have also been issued for grid development, new urban construction, coordination of disturbed power supply and EV deployment guidelines.

Example from China

In China Southern Power Grid’s 13th Five-year Plan, the development of micro grids is being encouraged. Private capital investment is now permitted in grid connected distributed energy, EV charging infrastructure and peak shifting and frequency regulation resources.