Longi Solar

ALTA Energy is the Strategic & Authorized Partner of LONGi Solar. We provide best LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) Solution. LONGi Silicon has ranked as top-5 movers-and-shakers of the PV industry.

LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The Company is wholly owned by LONGi Group. LONGi Group is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline silicon wafers in the world, with total assets above $2.78 billion and Current Capacity: Cell2.5 GW & Moudle5 GW.

LONGi’s move today is not simply the multi-GW expansion plans across the whole ingot-to-module stages, but the dedicated focus on p-type mono production.

Why LONGi Solar?

Low Cost/W for volume purchases of 10 MW or more. LONGi is cost competitive with existing Solar PV technologies.

LONGi Solar is committed to providing the best LCOE solutions as well as promoting the worldwide adoption of mono-crystalline technology.


LONGi mono solar cell modules! Higher reliability, Excellent Performance

LONGi mono solar cell modules have higher reliability. The highest power output can be 350W. They have excellent performance even under the low temperature or low light environment. We promise to provide high-efficiency, high power output Mono-crystalline silicon products, thus guarantee the return on investment.

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http://en.longi-solar.com/Home/Products/module/id/2.html LONGi Solar has successfully installed thousands of commercial, government and residential solar power stations throughout the world. Browse our portfolio to see photos and read cases studies about a few of our commercial clients.

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