All DC Solar Power System for Telecoms

  1. Grid Connected (EB) Solar/DG Hybrid – Urban areas
  2. Grid connected Solar/DG Hybrid – Semi Rural locations
  3. Stand-alone – off grid - Solar/DG Hybrid – Semi Rural locations
  4. Stand-alone – off grid- Solar/wind/DG Hybrid – Rural locations
  • Advanced leading patented MPPT technology.
  • Independently stabilize voltage and increase efficiency of the solar power system by 30%, reduce solar panel & space requirements.
  • Independent DC voltage regulation improves the power supply reliability; prioritize solar power usage and grid power to shorten the return on investment (ROI).
  • Able to supply power without going through storage batteries. 
  • Integrated working mode allowed multiple power supply source
  • The automatic selection sequence - “Solar-Wind-Grid-Battery-DG”.
  • Reduce DG run time & maintenance cost and extends DG life span.
  • Improving the integral work efficiency to 95%; decreasing the (remove)construction and running cost.
  • High efficiency of fast charging under sunshine, especially when the storage battery is drained.
  • Precise temperature control of battery bank during bulk/float charge will prolong battery life span
  • The different solar array variations can be customized to suit individual sites configurations and space availability.
  • Theft-proof systems available on request
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • 14-years of experience in R&D, Design and Installation of customized Hybrid solar power systems for Telecoms Towers
  • Remote sensing to monitor the system.